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What to Consider for Italian to English Translations

Tuesday, 20 April 2010 13:01

There are many people who simply presume that translating is very easy job, as long as one has a general or decent knowledge of a language, but this is not true. Especially when speaking of Italian to English translation, then it may be quite funny to ask an individual to translate any document to English just because he or she once lived in England for a year. This can eventually prove to be an expensive and fatal mistake. Therefore, the logical option one can choose is to hire a professional language translation agency or free-lance translator who has a clear understanding and working knowledge of both languages. However, hiring a free-lance translator is not always a best choice, there are few important points one should consider when seeking an Italian to English translation -

Localization of Italian translations

Ever since standard Italian has achieved recognition as a literary language, it’s been widely used for writing in Italian-speaking countries and regions around the world. However, a key concern is that Italy is one of the few countries where the spoken language varies considerably from region to region. As a result, the local dialect may be a very vital element in an Italian to English translation and one must not ignore it. In fact, this localization of Italian>English or English>Italian translation is especially applicable in the border regions of Italy where a variety of dialects spoken are much more prominent than in Italian-speaking zones of other countries.

Understanding the Work of an Italian>English>Italian Translator

Italian is an interesting but also quite deceiving language full of multi-faceted grammatical structures and double-entendres. Adding to this, Italian and English registers and tenses also differ from one another. Therefore, it is also important for an individual to have Italian to English or English to Italian translators who are well attuned with these idiosyncrasies.

Go for only an experienced and quality Italian>English Translation

By far, the most important point one should ensure is that the translator performing the translation must have detailed and academically grounded knowledge of the source language, its structure, and the way it varies, depending upon its usage. In addition to this, it is even more important for an individual to ensure that translators are native-speakers of the target text, or have used it habitually as their main language for many years.

Apart from all these, other important things one must consider when contemplating an Italian>English translation is assurance that original document presented or required for translation is well written. If it is not, even the best Italian>English translator may not be capable of producing a clean translation of a poorly written source document. Next, one must make sure the translator knows the purpose of the document translation. These days, many translation companies use their own unique lexicons. As an example – the probability is more likely that a technical translation from Italian to English may use words that have multiple translations. Thus, to make sure the document is translated correctly, it is always better to provide the translator with additional background information of the subject field.

Regardless of document size, considering these important points can surely help one obtain an accurate and properly transmitted document through an Italian translation. In fact, these points may assist in having a proper insight into a better understanding of the translation agency and their capabilities.

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