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Tattoo Translations are Hip!

There’s little need to emphasise that having a tattoo done is a serious commitment…., particularly if the item to be tattooed onto a part of your body is a translation. Tattoos which have been translated are definitely something which should not be rushed into.

Want to know more about facts and statistics relating to tattoo translations? Well, the following should provide you with some useful guidance:

  • In a 2002 survey, 8 out of the top ten voted ‘most beautiful women in the world’ had tattoos. Many of these tattoos include translations. You may not realise that so many of the UK celebrities have translation tattoos for the pure and simple reason that magazines and newspapers usually airbrush them out of the picture prior to publication
  • In 2006 the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology reported that almost one of four women aged between 18 and 50 have tattoos. Again it is likely that a significant portion of these tattoos are translations
  • Tattoos and tattoo translations are hot business. Testament to this are statistics by Lycos which state that the ‘Tattoo’ search term has never been recorded as falling out of the Top 50 search phrases.
  • Although ‘Tattoo’ an incredibly popular search term, it is often accompanied by the term ‘translation’. Almost every translation language has been, and continues to be, searched for along with the term ‘Tattoo’
  • The most popular tattoo translations requested are typically translations into the following languages: Chinese, Japanese, Hebrew, Swahili, Hindi and Arabic
  • Although an American survey suggested that over 80% of respondents did not regret having a tattoo done, the growing number of ‘humorous’ websites devoted to sharing stories of tattoo translation disasters is growing
  • Dr James Morel, California, recently reported that individuals were coming to him in their droves to have tattoos removed which were mistranslations. It appears that many of these people pick a tattoo in a tattoo parlour and trust at face value the fact that this tattoo is translated in the way in which it is advertised as being translated. Very few of these individuals take the time to get the translation verified by a professional translator or translation company. As such, they are in for a huge an difficult shock when they realise that their tattoo has not been translated in the way that they have been led to believe…..

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