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"SAIC is a FORTUNE 500® scientific, engineering, and technology applications company that uses its deep domain knowledge to solve problems of vital importance to the nation and the world, in national security, energy and the environment, critical infrastructure, and health. BlueGlobe International LLC consistently provides language services on a global scale which meet the strict vendor standards required by SAIC."


"BlueGlobe cares .. our expectations were exceeded with accuracy and promptness. A long term relationship will benefit our firm and yours."


"Thanks again for extra-ordrinary services."


"Friendly staff combined with unusual promptness and services will see our association always requesting BlueGlobe."

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English (New Zealand) Translation Services

New Zealand English

BlueGlobe International - offering qualified English (New Zealand) translators

Our professional English (New Zealand) translators provide translation services with a thorough knowledge of the source language, target language, and subject matter. Having contracted skilled, experienced English (New Zealand) translators, BlueGlobe can translate any project, including: websites, e-mail, letters, magazines, legal documents, medical journals, technical manuals, books, recipes, menus, etc. .. even a tattoo! Consequently, we translate projects from a wide range of fields: legal, financial, medical, technical, marketing, etc. Taking great care to avoid mistranslation, BlueGlobe can assure clients that all submitted material will be translated only by a native English (New Zealand) translator. The translator assigned to the project must have provable experience and specific knowledge in the client's project field. Besides the basics, they will also understand the underlying "language tricks" necessary to achieve a perfect translation.

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At BlueGlobe International, second best is not acceptable. High quality is our normal standard. Our clients are repeat clients because of our wide range of expertise.

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Why BlueGlobe International?

Because we take great pride in our work and care about results! As an international market leader in language services (translation, interpreting, copywriting, localization, etc.), we are able to offer services on a global scale to individuals and businesses alike. In order to deliver 100% accurate translations to our clients, quality checks are in place at every stage of the translation. Your peace of mind is important to BlueGlobe and, most assuredly, you will receive the quality you deserve and expect.

  • 100's of Major Languages worldwide
  • All Specializations
  • Most Competitive Rates
  • Quality Services
  • Highest Level of Customer Care
  • Fastest growing translation company in the world
  • Hundreds of proven Language Service Providers
  • Team Concept from Inception to Completion
  • Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Our 10-step Quality Assurance Programme

Following our step-by-step quality assurance programme assures highest quality for English (Zealand) translation projects:

  1. Each English (New Zealand) translation project will be analysed by a competent project manager
  2. A detailed translation plan will be formulated by the project manager
  3. The translation project will be assigned to a professional translator
  4. A terminology database will be exclusively designed for the project
  5. A CAT-tool will be programmed for the project
  6. The project will be translated into English (New Zealand)
  7. Quality Control checks are always in place
  8. The translation will be placed in the requested format (DTP)
  9. Entire translation will be proofread a second time by a native speaker
  10. Final Review by the translator and project manager - Client delivery

Our global network of qualified, skilled, professional translators ensure that BlueGlobe is able to offer a quick turnround of even the largest project with a tight deadline. Regardless of the source language to target language requirements (English (New Zealand) to French, French to English (New Zealand), or any other language combination (Arabic-Japanese, Hungarian-Greek, etc.), the precision and quality of your project is guaranteed at BlueGlobe International.

Translation rates - English (New Zealand) language

A number of factors (text specificity, requested deadline, project word count, document format, etc.) affect the price of a translation project. For an accurate quote, simply click 'Request a Quote' and complete the online form. The subject document files can be e-mailed accordingly, providing the necessary information and documentation needed for an accurate quote, without additional hidden costs.

BlueGlobe International is always available to serve our clients, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! Our friendly staff will do everything possible to assist you with your project.

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Privacy & Service

Our clients’ privacy is most important to BlueGlobe International. Rest assured that all documents, projects, emails, letters, documentation, etc. will be kept under our strict privacy guidelines. Our constant goal is to make each client comfortable and confident with our services. Please visit our website and review our Privacy Policy This page will inform clients of the type of information we collect, how it is protected, and all client choices on how the information is used. We urge you to download our Privacy Policy to understand fully our total commitment to service and privacy. Of course, we do appreciate your input and participation! By maintaining a high level of integrity and an unequalled commitment to service, BlueGlobe International has proudly built a clientele who trust our firm implicitly with their projects and personal information. As repeat clients, they are our greatest asset.

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