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Welcome to our articles page. Here we provide translation and language-related information for your interest and enjoyment.

Most of these articles are contributions from our professional linguists. Please note that all these articles are copyrighted and cannot be reprinted without prior written permission.

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Website Translation
Monday, 27 July 2009 12:08

Websites are now a crucial part of most businesses. They generate revenue, offer an avenue for promotion and are an easily accessible means of providing information on a company. However, the global economy now demands that companies look beyond national borders if they wish to expand.

Many developing countries now have internet access, internet cafes can be found from Bogotá to Bangkok and the falling costs of PC's means more home users are logging on. This means there is a large pool of potential visitors to your site. However, the majority of these will not speak English. Website translation is therefore critical.

Website translation is currently big business as companies and site owners begin to realise its benefits. Type 'website translation' into the major search engines and you are instantly met with paid advertisements and streams of links to 'relevant' sites. However, it is important to carefully consider any website translation project properly as there are many potential pitfalls.

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Benefits of Website Localization
Monday, 27 July 2009 12:07

Maximising profit today involves reaching beyond national markets. Accessing an international customer base is vital if a business wants to expand and participate in international trade.

"Localization" relates to the act of modifying a product to make it both usable and suitable to a target market. Website localization therefore refers to the process of taking an English, western-orientated, website and moulding it to conform to a foreign audience.

The World Wide Web, as its name suggests, is a means by which businesses can reach an international audience. Companies are now recognising that a key step in successfully approaching and selling to international customers is through website localization.

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Global Websites
Monday, 27 July 2009 12:04

"The Three Hurdles Of Global Web Sites " - When it comes to a global Web site strategy, one size doesn't fit all 

One of the most difficult issues companies are dealing with in the new global economy is thinking locally and managing globally. Sure, companies have always had international divisions and subsidiaries, but they tended to be isolated fiefdoms. Now the global economy requires that companies use their Web site to provide a consistent image to customers, no matter where they are.

But companies can't just impose a one-size-fits-all view on their Web site. To appeal to customers, some localization has to take place. Success requires collaboration, and expertise in something CIOs already understand quite well: the delicate balance of an architecture that's centralized and federated at the same time. Forrester Research analyst Ron Rogowski talks about the cross-cultural challenges of global Web strategies.

Q: When it comes to global collaboration, how much of this is a technical problem and how much of it is a people problem?

A: Probably 90 percent of it is organizational?it's that high. One of the big complaints used to be that it was costly to communicate across time zones. Now you've got instant messaging, and some companies are even using voice-over-IP and Internet calls, so there are lots of technologies that can enable people to work together, plus you have extranets and shared Web sites. The biggest problems come down to three issues: language, logistics, and leverage.

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Language Interpreters
Monday, 27 July 2009 12:02

English has rapidly become the major language of international politics, trade and commerce. However, this does not mean it is the world language. It still competes with other major languages such as Spanish, French and Arabic.

In the business world, using interpreters to overcome the language barrier is a necessity. Even if there are common languages between business people, interpreters are still preferred for a number of reasons.

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Telephone Interpreting
Monday, 27 July 2009 12:00

Telephone Interpreting Questions and Answers

Telephone interpreting is a fairly recent phenomenon and, as such, you may have many questions regarding the service if you have not used it before.

The following Questions and Answers have been compiled to help give you some direction:

What does telephone interpreting involve?

Telephone interpreting involves communication via a telephone between individuals who do not share the same language. The telephone interpreter helps to overcome this communication barrier by interpreting on a consecutive level between the respective participants.

What are the benefits of telephone interpreting?

Telephone interpreting can save a considerable amount of money. Not only does it cut out travel time and expenses for numerous parties, but an interpreter’s time is often cheaper over the telephone. Other benefits include:

  • In the case of sensitive discussions, some individuals would rather that the third person (i.e. the interpreter) were not physically present (this may particularly be the case for individuals from particular religious or cultural backgrounds)
  • If a fully qualified interpreter is not available face to face, then a qualified telephone interpreter is likely to be the best option
  • Telephone interpreters can be engaged almost instantly to assist in matters of emergency
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