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Welcome to our articles page. Here we provide translation and language-related information for your interest and enjoyment.

Most of these articles are contributions from our professional linguists. Please note that all these articles are copyrighted and cannot be reprinted without prior written permission.

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What to Look for in a Language Translator?
Tuesday, 20 April 2010 10:49

Today a stiff competition is consuming the international market and affecting the communication levels of every big and small business firm. Companies are now spending big amounts freely on language translation. These days, many companies are looking forward to spread their presence all across the world and want to convey their corporate messages to local as well as international market. They want their message to be conveyed with utmost lucidity to the target audience and so they are hiring language translation services from skilled language translators, who can translate their important documents with immaculate accuracy. However, the important point that one need to understand is that outsourcing the language translation work from any inexperienced company or a novice professional can be very risky. Therefore, it is very important to hire service from experienced language translator. So if you are one of those who are looking forward to hiring a professional language translator or even a company then here are few important considerations that should be kept in mind:

Certified Language Translators- Professional language translation can play a big part in the success and growth of your business; hence it is important that you hire only a certified translator of authenticate translation firm for this work. The biggest benefit of hiring a certified translator is that he or she can know the set standards of translation accuracy. With a certified translator or translation firm, accuracy is absolutely ensured.

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Translating Tips for Multi Language Website
Tuesday, 20 April 2010 10:38

In order to establish an online global business presence, successful firms are transitioning their website into multiple languages. Considering the tough competition worldwide, increasing media presence with a multilingual website is a fiscally efficient way to reach international markets. This article encourages website owners to develop a multilingual website to explain products and services, increasing their business orders from non-English speaking customers.

A single language website alone is not sufficient to survive in the international market. The most consistent problem that most website owners’ face today is the lack of website visitors actually converting into customers. This is primarily due to miscommunication arising between websites and visitors due to language barriers. Many non-English speaking customers still prefer to access websites only in their native language. In order to sell services or products to the foreign customers, it is necessary to convey messages to foreign customers in their local language.

Designing a multilingual website might initially seem overwhelming. There are many companies offering website translation services. These experts translate website information in such a way that it attracts and retains every customer speaking the varied foreign languages. Websites become searchable by major search engines as well as by potential customers in their own preferred language.

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How language translation services are useful
Tuesday, 20 April 2010 10:12

In today’s world of commerce where business is going global, need for spreading the services in the native language has increased. This has in turn given language translation service a new platform to provide their services to business as well as individuals. Know more about language translation services and their significance in business.

Globalization of business is increasing its scope to different nations having distinct languages. Internet is turning to be a prime tool to spread business territory to other nation with websites showcasing portfolio, services and products. However, to build business communication with non-English speaking countries websites needs to be translated into the native language. So as to make overseas customers understand about the offering.

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10 Tips for Translating your Business Card
Monday, 27 July 2009 12:17

International business today necessitates people travel all over the world for meetings, negotiations and other business functions. Along the way one will meet numerous people that all have the potential to give recommendations, pass over work or provide some sort of benefit. The business card is the key to remaining in their sphere of contacts.

Increasingly business cards need to be translated into foreign languages to ensure the receiver understands who you are and who you work for. However, translating a business card is not a simple as literally translating one language into another. There are many linguistic and cultural considerations one must take into account. In order to assist those needing their business cards translated the following ten tips are presented:

1 - Always have your business cards translated by a translator or translation agency. Your neighbour or friend may be capable of translating but to ensure the most suitable and professional language is used, use an expert.

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Qualifications for Translators
Monday, 27 July 2009 12:17

A lot of time is invested in studying for a degree so it is worth asking the question do I really need translator qualifications in order to become a translator? While there is no simple answer to this, there are obvious benefits to having a specialist qualification for the career you wish to pursue.

However, with two people applying for the same role, the person with the translator qualifications and limited ‘real’ experience could find themselves losing out to someone who does not have the necessary translator qualifications on paper but does, instead, possess the necessary experience.

While translator qualifications are not strictly necessary in order to become a translator there are some fields of work where it is essential to have achieved a higher education. For example, work as a translator within the government.

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