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Welcome to our articles page. Here we provide translation and language-related information for your interest and enjoyment.

Most of these articles are contributions from our professional linguists. Please note that all these articles are copyrighted and cannot be reprinted without prior written permission.

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Making the Most of French Translation Services
Tuesday, 20 April 2010 12:14

French language translation requires a complete knowledge of both the language and the business and/or technical requirements of the document(s) requiring translation. The translator must be able to write fluent and correct French language in both the source and target languages. This article gives a brief overview of all the qualities to consider when seeking a French translation service provider for an accurate French translation.

The French language remains one of the most consistent official working languages of many international organizations, including the United Nations, European Union, World Health Organization, Red Cross, and many others. Such widespread use of French by international organizations involves writing of business proposals and plans, holding meetings, creating all types of texts, and facilitating arbitration in the French language. With such ample operations involving the French language, the need for a French language translator becomes obvious.

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How to Choose a Tattoo Translation Service
Tuesday, 20 April 2010 11:58

In the world of tattoos, many individuals are choosing to have their names translated into art forms written in different languages. A tattoo done in a different language is one of the longest lasting life commitments on your body, and as a result you must be very careful. In this article, learn of a few points that may help you in choosing the right tattoo translation service effectively.

Are you one of those fashion lovers who love to get your body tattooed? If your answer is yes, you are no different from millions of other people. Today, tattooing is one of the major up-coming personal style trends. Tattooing continues to increase in popularity across all age groups and cultures worldwide. More and more young people are emulating celebrities such as Britney Spears, Madonna, David Beckham, and other trend setters by adding a tattoo to their bodies.

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An Overview on Multi-lingual DTP Service with WYSIWYG Page Layout Software
Tuesday, 20 April 2010 11:46

Over the past few years, Desktop Publishing has emerged as one of the most popular tools available to help with effective creations of publication documents. Desktop Publishing, commonly known as DTP, primarily involves the combination of a personal computer and “What You See Is What You Get” (WYSIWYG) page layout software. When combined, DTP and WYSIWYG create publication documents either for large scale publishing or small scale local multifunction peripheral distribution. However, it is also important to note that the term "desktop publishing" is not limited to paper and/or book publishing, it also has many other important uses. In fact today, the same DTP/WYSIWYG skills and software are often used to create page layout, graphics for point of sale displays, trade show exhibits, promotional items, outdoor signs, and much more.

Generally, DTP relies on the two important primary hardware components:

  1. Computer - supplemented by various input devices, including scanners and cameras
  2. Printer - which can produce high quality typographical and pictorial output

Effective on-screen DTP page composition is made possible only by utilizing WYSIWYG page layout software. The WYSIWYG programming helps to bridge the gap between the page layout software and the printers, effectively creating pages which match what the user sees on the computer screen.

Multilingual DTP allows an individual to meet multiple publishing needs. There are many multilingual DTP service providers and many DTP specialists and native graphic artists that work together. To provide top quality work and meet the highest standards, multilingual DTP also requires WYSIWYG layout applications, fonts and collaboration with expert Desktop Publishers that can support different languages. WYSIWYG page layout software is the key element that supports the functionality of desktop publishing.

Multilingual DTP service providers work with a different variety of operating systems. They also employ state-of-the-art multilingual graphics and software like QuarkXpress, Apple Pages, Microsoft Publisher, and others, to effectively design page layouts with pictures and text. However, using this additional software has its own set of implications for the service provider. Working with international fonts during creation or publication of documents is complex. The best multilingual DTP service providers will compare a test file to a file using one of the "safe" standard Windows fonts to determine the best specialized font for the project. This simple step simplifies the effort required in the translation and layout process, producing a better final product.

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Major Factors in Document Translations
Tuesday, 20 April 2010 11:29

There are several factors that you must keep in mind while availing service from a document translation provider. You must work with professional document translating company, which offers multilingual translation services. You must work with professionals who are expert in the languages they work in and have experience. In this article, know more about various other factors that you must consider before you avail the service from a document translation service provider.

Multilingual document translation services are in great demand today. Be it a scientist, academician, researcher, big or small companies, there are many people and organizations who constantly look forward to avail the service of document translators on a large scale.

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Difference between Language Translation and Language Interpretation
Tuesday, 20 April 2010 11:14

Over the past few years, the terms “Language Translation” and “Language Interpretation” have emerged as two of the busiest buzzwords in the Language Service Industry. Although they appear to be and are often mistaken to be synonyms, there are significant differences between translation and interpretation. The primary similarity between the two is that they are both modes of language conversion. Language Interpretation is essentially about spoken language. Language Translation primarily deals with written text. Many people believe both tasks involve substituting words from one language to words from another. However, both Language Interpretation and Language Translation demand a meticulous knowledge of more than just the language itself. Importantly, both translation and interpretation have various cultural references and cultural nuances.

Along with converting one spoken language into another, Interpretation basically encompasses converting a spoken source language into spoken target language, and vice versa. Language Interpreters are required to be very attentive and excessively careful before they perform any interpretation task. They need to thoroughly understand what needs to be communicated and the context in which it’s being communicated in both the languages.

As Language Translators convert written material from a source language into another target language, excellent writing skills and analytical abilities are fundamental for successful translation. In addition, expert editing skills are critical for effective translation. Language Translation also involves replacement of words with more appropriate words in the other language. Those who offer translation services also manage the flow of ideas in the cultural context to ensure that the resulting document is the closest possible translation to the target language.

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